Restfull Groovy Service with Restlet

Looking for lightweight solution for my raspberry-pi, found Restlet; a framework that allows groovy (and java) programmers to implement restfull services without a servlet container or application server.

In this example, we’ll write a small app that routes the requests based on the URL requested pattern; for this, we’ll write two files:


import mx.maleficarum.Status
import org.restlet.Application
import org.restlet.Component
import org.restlet.Restlet
import org.restlet.routing.Router

Application application = new Application() {

public synchronized Restlet createInboundRoot() {
Router router = new Router(getContext());
router.attach(«/sample/status»,Status.class );
return router;

Component component = new Component()
component.getServers().add(Protocol.HTTP, 8080)

This class is the entry point for the application, defining a router for each URL pattern and defining the port-protocolo for our HTTP server.


package mx.maleficarum

import org.restlet.representation.Representation
import org.restlet.representation.StringRepresentation
import org.restlet.resource.Get
import org.restlet.resource.ServerResource

class Status extends ServerResource {

public Representation doGet(){
def msg = «This is our status message!»
return new StringRepresentation(«{\»message\»:${msg}\»}», MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON);

This class is the handler for the URL http://localhost:8080/status, and just returns a JSON message.

Finally we shall run the script as :

groovy -classpath ../lib/org.restlet.jar mx/maleficarum/RestletApplication.groovy

We just need to add to classpath org.restlet.jar.

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